Quick Answer: What Is The Narrator’S Opinion Of Cherry Trees?

What is the theme of the poem Loveliest of trees the cherry now?

Major Themes in “Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now” Transience of life, pastoral beauty, death and fleeting nature of time are the major themes of this poem.

The speaker reflects on the lovely sights of Cherry trees he witnesses along the road in woodland..

What is the best symbol for something that goes by too quickly?

Answer: I would say that the best symbol for something that goes by too quickly is the snow on the cherry.

What does the poem Loveliest of trees mean?

“Loveliest of Trees” is a poem about blooming cherry trees, and it is thus also a poem about springtime. The reference to “Eastertide” leaves no doubt that this is a poem about the season between winter and summer, and hence about the themes of death and rebirth.

Why is the cherry tree called the Loveliest of trees?

The cherry tree is the “loveliest of trees” because it is that type of tree that has made the speaker realize that the world is full of many beautiful things—many, many “blooms.” The cherry tree is so beautiful, and it makes the speaker think about all the beautiful things in the world, and all the things he wants to …

What was the cherry tree’s first visitor?

Even when there was rain, Rakesh would sometimes water the tree. He wanted it to know that he was there. One day he found a bright green praying mantis perched on a branch, peering at him with bulging eyes. Rakesh let it remain there; it was the cherry tree’s first visitor.

What was the Speciality of the cherry tree in the lesson cherry tree?

ANSWER: The Cherry Tree is which the poet has seeded eight years ago.In spite of getting any special attention, by the end of May, the poet saw the small cherry sapling coming out of the ground. It was a very small plant, young and fragile, vulnerable to all kinds of external dangers.