Quick Answer: What Is The Fees For IEC Code?

Is IEC code and PAN number same?

For services exports however, IEC shall be not be necessary except when the service provider is taking benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy.

Consequent upon introduction of GST, IEC being issued is the same as the PAN of the firm.

However, the IEC will still be separately issued by DGFT based on an application..

How do I export my license?

Procedure while applying to the DGFT The online application process can be made on the DGFT website. On the homepage, the applicant will have to go to the ‘Services’ section, where under the ‘Online ECOM Application’ section, they will have to select ‘Restricted Item Import License/Restricted Export Item’.

How can I get IEC code from pan?

The facility to check status of Import Export Code(IEC) application can be accessed from DGFT website using Online Application → IEC → Know your IEC Status or directly from PAN Number and first three letters of Firm Name can be entered to check the status.

How do I find a company’s IEC code?

To generate IEC code for your business, an application for grant of IEC number is made by the Registered/Head office of the applicant and you need to visit the nearest Regional Authority of Directorate General Foreign Trade. IEC number is issued on a official PAN number.

Is IEC code required for services?

services is also required. IEC stands for Import Export Code. It is a 10 digit number which is allotted by the director general of foreign trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce. … If import or export is made for personal use or is made by government department then no IEC is required.

How long does it take to get IEC code?

Easy Processing. It is fairly easy to obtain IEC code from the DGFT within a period of 10 to 15 days after submitting the application. There isn’t any need to provide proof of any export or import for getting IEC code.

How can I download my IEC certificate?

How to Download and Print IEC certificatePAN number.Name as mentioned in the PAN card.Date of Incorporation (As per the PAN)Latest file number without slash.Latest file date.

Who is Dgft of India?

Sh. Amit Yadav, IAS, is currently serving as Director General, Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

How can I get IEC code 2020?

Steps for IEC Registration Process:Step 1: Go to the DGFT Website.Step 2: Then You need to Go on Services tab.Step 3: Enter your PAN number (A Person/if any Company PAN Card)Step 4: Enter the your details (As Mentioned on PAN Card)Step 5: Enter your mobile number to get (OTP) verification process.More items…•

How do I check my IEC code?

To check whether your IE code has reached DGFT head quarters and the correctness of your IE code details, Click IE Code @ DGFT button.

How much does export license cost?

This code is better known in India simply as an export license, and is easy to apply for and get from the zonal or regional office of DGFT which has jurisdiction over your location of business. You can now also submit an online IEC application at dgft.gov.in with the required documents and fee of Rs. 250.

How do I pay IEC fees online?

(a):Applicant should select ‘Pay Online’ button from the Licensing scheme menu. To pay.fee for issuance of IEC, click on the ‘Application Fee’option.Following screen appears to.make the Payment:

Can an individual get IEC code?

An individual or a company who wants to do international business can get an IEC. Individuals can use either the name of their company or their name directly to apply for IEC.

How do I surrender my IEC code?

Surrender of IEC No. If an IEC holder does not wish to operate the allotted IEC number, he may surrender the same by informing the issuing authority. On receipt of such intimation, the issuing authority shall immediately inform all the RBI/Customs/Licensing authorities that the said IEC number has become inoperative.

How many digits are there in IEC code?

10 digitDefinition of IEC Code IEC Code is unique 10 digit code issued by DGFT – Director General of Foreign Trade , Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to Indian Companies.