Quick Answer: What Is Enterprise Continuum?

What is ADM tool?

The Architecture Development Method – often referred to by its abbreviation as the ADM – is a detailed step-by-step process for developing or changing an enterprise architecture.

The ADM is right at the heart of TOGAF®, in part II of the documentation..

Is Togaf worth?

TOGAF Certification steadily at the top of the most in-demand skills, with some employees listing it as a compulsory requirement. … The number of people who have gained TOGAF certification is constantly growing, and it is the most popular Architecture Development certification.

What is the use of the enterprise continuum concept?

An Enterprise Continuum is a useful mechanism for categorizing and classifying architecture and solution artifacts, as they evolve from generic or foundation Architectures to organization-Specific Architectures. These artifacts can be both internal and external to the Architecture Repository.

How many phases are in ADM?

10 phasesThough the TOGAF ADM diagram has 10 phases, it is essentially a 4 step process: Step 1.

What is Architecture Capability Framework?

46.1 Overview The ADM is an ideal method to be used to architect and govern the implementation of such a capability. … The Technology Architecture that depicts the architecture practice’s infrastructure requirements and deployment in support of the architecture applications and Enterprise Continuum.

What is Togaf ADM?

The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) forms the core of TOGAF. It is a reliable, proven method for developing an IT architecture that meets the business needs of an organization, utilizing the other elements of TOGAF described in this document, and other architectural assets available to the organization.

What is Togaf TRM?

The current TOGAF TRM is an amended version of the TAFIM TRM, which aims to emphasise the aspect of interoperability as well as that of portability. The objective of the TRM is to enable structured definition of the standardized application platform and its associated interfaces.

What does Togaf stand for?

Open Group Architecture FrameworkTOGAF is the acronym for The Open Group Architecture Framework and it was developed by The Open Group, a not-for-profit technology industry consortium that continues to update and reiterate the TOGAF.

Is Togaf exam difficult?

In spite of what you might hear from others, TOGAF Certification exam is not a complex exam. It is a complicated one which requires you to be careful in your approach and execution to clear it. In other words, it is a lot like Enterprise Architecture.

What are the five areas of enterprise architecture?

The enterprise architecture model comprises five architectural components: Organizational Architecture, Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture, and Technological Architecture.

What is ADM in agile?

ADM (Adaptive Delivery Methodology) is an Agile discipline that is specific to salesforce.com. It employs Scrum project management framework, adopts certain extreme programming practices and is based on lean principles.

Does ADM support iteration?

The ADM supports a number of concepts that are characterized as iteration. First, iteration describes the process of both describing a comprehensive Architecture Landscape through multiple ADM cycles based upon individual initiatives bound to the scope of the Request for Architecture Work.

What are enterprise architecture capabilities?

The purpose of the EA capability is to integrate the resources necessary to create a complete EA view of an enterprise, as well as to provide products and services to facilitate the organisation’s transition to an integrated environment with optimised processes that are responsive to change and to the delivery of the …