Quick Answer: What Does BBC Stand For Inappropriate?

What does no BB mean sexually?

Bareback”Bareback.” BB is often used on online dating sites, as well as in text messages and on chat forums, with the meaning “Bareback,” to refer to having sexual intercourse without a condom.

“Be Back.” BB is sometimes used in internet chat rooms to indicate that a participant is leaving the group, but will be back shortly..

What is Kittenfishing?

The online dating strategy is characterized by using little white lies — like misrepresenting your height, age or interests — to hook a potential date. Kittenfishing is misrepresenting yourself in an online profile — like wearing hats in all your photos if you’re bald.

What does BBC stand for in finance?

BBC — Brothers By Choice. BBC — British Bankers Club. BBC — Building Block Consulting, LLC. BBC — Baltimore Brewing Company. BBC — Brooks Biddle Chevrolet.

What does BBG mean sexually?

BBG means “Better Be Going” and “Beautiful Baby Girl”.

What is being Mermaided?

Casually moving on from these two very real dating trends, Rebel briefly mentions “mermaiding,” which immediately causes a double-take. Mermaiding? … “It’s, like, when a girl goes out with a guy to a boardwalk and then she gets really bored with the date. So, she just goes into the ocean and you never see her again.”

What does FT mean when texting?

FaceTime“Ft” in text is either anabbreviation for “FaceTime” or “featuring”it depends on the context of the message. If someonemessages you and says, ”Want to ft?” orsomething similar to that, they are most likely wanting to know ifyou want to FaceTime them.

What does AFK mean?

away from keyboardAfk is an abbreviation for away from keyboard. It lets people know that you will not be at your keyboard for a while, or that you will not be online for a period of time.

What is curving in dating?

It’s rejection with a smile Now, there’s a new term to worry about. Introducing “curving”: when someone rejects you in a way that is so sneaky, you probably won’t even recognise it as rejection. It’s a way of letting someone down without actually telling them you’re no longer interested.

Is BBC an acronym or abbreviation?

An abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase. All of the short forms that you see above ↑ are abbreviations….Initialisms.initialismfull formBBCBritish Broadcasting CorporationUNUnited NationsDVDdigital versatile discVIPvery important person1 more row

What does BBC mean in text slang?

Big Bad ChallengeBBC means Big Bad Challenge in text messaging.

What do the letters NSFW stand for?

not safe for worknot safe for work; not suitable for work —used to warn someone that a website, e-mail attachment, etc., is not suitable for viewing at most places of employmentSure, you can let employees use company PCs for non-work Web browsing, but you don’t have to let them visit NSFW sites.—

What does accept NSFW mean?

not safe for workNSFW. adjective. abbreviation for not safe for work: used when sharing internet material that should only be looked at in private because it contains some things, for example pictures of naked people, that could be offensive: Warning: many links in this post are NSFW.

What does BBC mean on Craigslist?

Of course it could also mean Big Beautiful Chick. If you like ladies who are of a “cuddly” size, then she could be the one for you. Since March 2018, personal ads in Craigslist, some of which may have included the sexual meaning of BBC, have been removed: Where Are the Craigslist Personals Ads?

What does 49 mean sexually?

Romantic attractionRomantic attraction (49): “Desire of being romantically involved with another person.”

What does IMK mean in texting?

In My KnowledgeIMK means “In My Knowledge”. The abbreviation IMK is used with the meaning “In My Knowledge” when the sender wishes to indicate that they are not completely sure of the statement that they are making, but believe it be true. IMK is another way of saying AFAIK (As Far As I Know) or AFAIAA (As Far As I Am Aware).

What does NSFM mean?

not comparableAdjective. NSFM (not comparable) (Internet slang) Initialism of not suitable for minors.

What does Starfishing mean?

Starfishing is a derogatory term for women that are still or unmoving during sex. … Sex where the girl’s arms and legs are spread as far apart as possible, like a starfish.

What is BBC abbreviated for?

proper noun [the N] The BBC is a British organization which broadcasts programs on radio and television. BBC is an abbreviation for ‘British Broadcasting Corporation. ‘ The concert will be broadcast live by the BBC.

What does BBL mean in texting?

Be Back Later”Be Back Later” is the most common definition for BBL on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. BBL. Definition: Be Back Later.