Quick Answer: Is Chiswick London Safe?

Where should I live in London?

Some of the best places to live in West London are:Chelsea.Holland Park.Kensington;West Kensington (Brook Green) and South Kensington.Notting Hill..

Is Chiswick a posh area?

Chiswick is safe, quiet, affluent and full of leafy green areas. The former fishing village is a popular choice among young families down to its wealth of high-performing primary schools. It also links well with the rest of the world, quite literally, as Heathrow is not far away – twenty minutes by car.

Is Chiswick rough?

Any less stressful? Chiswick is a nice area, but the frustrating thing is the Picadilly Line won’t stop where you need it to, so you’ll have to change trains. If you’re near Turnham Green then the district line is quite regular, but at Chiswick Park you can easily be waiting 10 minutes for one.

Is Feltham a rough area?

Feltham is the average town, like Hounslow and Richmond, but its association with the Young Offenders Prison has darkened the town’s reputation. People are misinformed to believe that Feltham is a violent area, filled with crimes and antisocial behaviour, as well as many arsonists. This though, can be proved wrong.

Is Isleworth rough?

Isleworth is a nice neighbourhood, well balanced relatively low crime, with good transport links. Living in Isleworth, Osterley or Hounslow East (probably slightly cheaper) is all feasible and fairly pleasant.

Is Hounslow a rough area?

Hounslow Town Centre is where the most amount of crime was reported in the borough with 248 crimes in August. Anti-social behaviour (46) and violence and sexual offences (50) are the highest reported.

What is Feltham famous for?

From rock’n’ roll legends to a world famous athlete it seems Feltham is a hotbed of celebrity talent. The ancient Hounslow town is mentioned in the Domesday Book and is nowadays home to more than 20,000 people.

Is Chiswick a nice area to live?

It’s a beautiful town with a village feel and has plenty of green areas — the opposite of what you might expect from industrial, concrete London. Chiswick House is a particular highlight, with its gorgeous gardens making it the perfect place to take the dog, and the kids, for a walk.

Which part of London is Chiswick?

London Borough of HounslowChiswick is a large suburb of west London, and part of the London Borough of Hounslow. It is located on a meander of the River Thames, 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Charing Cross. It was historically an ancient parish in the county of Middlesex, with an agrarian and fishing economy.

How far is Chiswick from London?

6 milesThe distance between London and Chiswick is 6 miles.

Where do celebrities live in London?

It goes without saying that the vast majority of British celebrities live in London, but international names call the UK home, too. The exclusive boroughs of Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Kensington are home to plenty of mega-famous names, while some stars opt for palatial, rural homes in the city’s green belt.

Is Turnham Green Safe?

Turnham Green must be one of the most unsafe stations on the London Underground network. Part of the reason for this lack of safety is the unnecessary crowding on the platform caused by the station only being serviced by the District line.

Where do millionaires live in London?

Knightsbridge is one of the poshest neighborhoods in the world. It is home to fashion stores, the world-renowned department store, Harrods, and banks that cater to wealthy individuals. Many of the world’s richest people call Knightsbridge home and it has some of the most expensive properties.

Where should I live in west London?

Where to Live in West LondonKensington. Often considered one of London’s most desirable areas, there’s much more to Kensington than its museums and royal heritage. … Fulham. With its riverside location and abundance of green spaces, Fulham is an attractive place to live in West London. … Hammersmith. … Shepherd’s Bush. … Kew. … Twickenham.

What is the poorest part of London?

The most concentrated areas of high poverty are in areas such as Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham, and the north east of London. There are also noticeable pockets of high poverty rates in areas in west London, such as in Brent and the north ends of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster.