Question: Who Is The Current Economist Of India?

Who replaced Arvind Subramanian?

He then took to the Office of Chief Economic Adviser to The Government of India on 16 October 2014.

He was in office till 20 June 2018.

He was succeeded by Krishnamurthy Subramanian (who is the incumbent CEA to Indian Government)..

Who is best economist?

The rankingsRankAuthorScore1Andrei Shleifer Department of Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA) National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)3.372James J. Heckman Department of Economics, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (USA)4.13100 more rows

Who is the current economic advisor of Prime Minister?

Krishnamurthy Venkata Subramanian (born May 5, 1971) is an Indian economist and the current Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India (CEA), officially being appointed to the position on 7 December 2018.

Who is the US economic advisor?

ChairsOfficeholderTerm startPresidentKevin HassettSeptember 13, 2017Donald TrumpTomas J. Philipson ActingJune 28, 2019Tyler Goodspeed ActingJune 23, 2020Cecilia RouseNomineeJoe Biden30 more rows

How old is Gopinath?

49 years (December 8, 1971)Gita Gopinath/Age

How do you become an IMF chief economist?

D. in economics from Princeton University in 2001 after earning a B.A. from the University of Delhi and M.A. degrees from both the Delhi School of Economics and University of Washington. Gopinath is an elected fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the Econometric Society.

Who is the greatest economist of India?

Use this list of renowned Indian economists to discover some new doctors of economics and economical ideas you weren’t familiar with before.Abhijit Banerjee. Photo: Metaweb (FB) / CC-BY-SA. … Amartya Sen. … Amit Mitra. … Amiya Kumar Bagchi. … Ardeshir Darabshaw Shroff. … Arvind Panagariya. … Avinash Dixit. … Bibek Debroy.

Who was the first chief economic advisor of India?

List of CEAsNoNameTerm of office1JJ Anjaria19562IG Patel1961IG Patel19653VK Ramaswamy196714 more rows

Who is Chief Economist?

Gita Gopinath (born 8 December 1971) is an Indian American economist who has been the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund since 2019….External links.Diplomatic postsPreceded by Maurice ObstfeldChief Economist of the International Monetary Fund 2019–presentIncumbent

Who is the most famous economist?

1John Maynard Keynes (1882-1946) As the most influential economist since 1900, some would argue in history, Keynes’ influence is difficult to overstate.

Who prepares Economic Survey of India?

NEW DELHI : The Economic Survey is nothing but an annual document prepared by advisers to the finance minister and tabled in the Parliament a day before the Union budget. The Economic Survey has been prepared by Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian.

Who is the first female chief economist of IMF?

Gita GopinathProminent Indian-American economist Gita Gopinath has joined as the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, becoming the first woman to occupy the top post at the global lender.