Question: What Is A 18 55mm Lens Good For?

What is a 18 55mm lens used for?

While technically not a wide-angle lens, 18-55mm lenses allow you to shoot wide-angle by using the shortest focal length (18mm) and playing around with shooting angles and composition techniques..

Is 18 55mm lens good enough?

A 18-55mm lens should really be only used at its widest angle, 18mm. This focal length is more than wide enough for most uses, including landscape photography. Unless you are always shooting landscapes, there really isn’t any reason to consider something else for the job.

Is 50mm lens better than 18 55mm?

The 50mm F1. 8 produces far better Image Quality than 18-55 in almost every aspect. whereas 18-55 lens is a versatile lens, benefits you by giving multiple focal lengths in on single lens.

Which lens is better 18 55mm or 55 250mm?

andylynn. You’ll probably find the 18-55 useful for most everyday use and the landscapes. The 55-250 is a telephoto, usually used for subjects at a distance (the soccer players, for example, or wildlife you can’t get close to).

How far can a zoom lens see?

Just the angle of view. Distance is not a feature of lenses. The longer the lens i.e., the range of 400mm the tighter or narrower the angle of view. Distance is part of the composition of photography….Understanding Zoom Lenses.MakeNIKON CORPORATIONShutter speed1/60 secAperturef/16ISO100Capture dateMar 15, 2011 at 13:30:503 more rows•Apr 17, 2011

What is a 18 140mm lens good for?

A compact all-in-one lens that’s ready for anything. Its versatile 7.8x zoom range (18mm to 140mm) lets you shoot everything from wide-angle family portraits to telephoto close-ups on the sports field.

What is VR in DSLR lens?

Vibration Reduction (VR) is an image stabilization technology that minimizes blur caused by camera shake. Using a VR NIKKOR lens can result in sharp images in low light, under windy conditions or when using a physically large NIKKOR lens, at up to four stops slower with a VR lens than a non-VR lens.

How far does a 18 55mm lens zoom?

With a regular DSLR or mirrorless camera kit lens, the lens will offer 3x the magnification when you’re fully zoomed in compared to when the lens is zoomed right out. This is easy to work out from the focal range of the lens. An 18-55mm kit lens has 3x the focal length at 55mm as it does at 18mm.

Which is better 18 55mm or 18 140mm?

The focal length ranges are different. They both have a wide angle view of 76° (at 18mm), but the 55mm will give you a angle of view of 29° and the 140mm will give up to 11°30′. … The 18–140mm is 2.5 to 3 times costlier than the 18–55s, everything from focal length to build-quality is more in the 18–140.

Is 18 55mm lens good for video?

Canon EF-S 17-55m f/2.8 IS USM Lens Comparing it with the standard kit lens, which is 18-55mm, this lens has much sharper image and excellent low light performance. … The f/2.8 is a very decent aperture ratio, which gives great blurred background shots for professional video makers.

How do you shoot with an 18 55mm lens?

To get good portrait shots with 18-55mm lens, you need to: Keep a good distance between your subject and the background. This is important because only then you will be able to get a nice shallow DOF in the background. Maximise the focal length to 55mm and zoom in on the face of your subject.

What is difference between 18 55mm and 75 300mm?

A kit lens 18–55 sees wider than a single eye up to its equivalence. The 75–300 gives 1.5–6 times closer vision if you like. The shorter is better for landscapes and capturing what your eye sees. The longer gets closer to the action and subject without using your feet.