Question: Is Kappan Hit Or Flop?

Which is the No 1 movie in the India?

Global gross figuresRankPeakFilm11Dangal21Baahubali 2: The Conclusion33Bajrangi Bhaijaan43Secret Superstar21 more rows.

Is Comali hit or flop?

Jayam Ravi’s Comali, which released on Independence Day, is bonafide hit. The light-hearted comedy entertainer directed by debutant Pradeep Ranganathan is attracting the family audiences to the theatres. It has grossed Rs 25 Cr in six days mainly from Tamil Nadu and trade has classified it as a super hit.

Is NGK a flop?

His latest film, NGK, directed by Selvaraghavan, bombed at the box office. The underwhelming political drama was panned by critics as well. For this talented actor who had been the main draw and acting soul of hits like Kaakha Kaakha, Ghajini and Singam, NGK joined his string of flops in the last six years.

Is 24 movie hit or flop?

Later his performance in Pidhamagan garnered appreciation from critics and audience. In earlier 2010, he is front runner of kollywood along with other two big stars Vijay and Ajith….Suriya Hit, Flop, Blockbuster Movies List.Movies List24Year2016Director(s)Vikram KumarVerdictHit34 more columns

Did Suriya kill his parents in NGK?

It means NGK is also ready to sacrifice his wife. But Vaanathi interferes and saves her. That eye contact between Rakul and Sai Pallavi speaks volumes. And when NGK while speaking on the stage hears that his parents are killed, he faints, but all for few seconds.

Is Dabangg 3 flop or hit?

Dabangg 3 Budget, Screens And Day Wise Box Office Collection India, Overseas, WorldWideBudget130.00 Crores [115 Cr (Production Cost) + 15 Cr (Prints & Publicity)]Collection (WorldWide)230.95 Crore [Till 15th March, 2020]Collection (Overseas)57.00 Crore [Till 15th March, 2020]Hit / FlopHit2 more rows•Mar 17, 2020

Is Baghi 3 flop?

Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘Baaghi 3’ has managed to fetch a decent figure of Rs 61 crore in four days at the box office. According to, ‘Baaghi 3’ may not be able to match the blockbuster success of ‘Baaghi 2’ but will do good enough to keep the franchise a successful one.

Is Kaappaan hit or flop?

Suriya-starrer Kaappaan, directed by KV Anand, may have been heavily panned by critics but the film still managed to impress at the box-office, with opening weekend gross of Rs 44 crore.

Is Kedarnath hit or flop?

Kedarnath Budget, Screens & Box Office Collection India, Overseas, WorldWideBudget60.00 Crores [45 Cr (Production Cost) + 15 Cr (Prints & Publicity)]Collection (WorldWide)96.62 Crore [Till 17th January, 2019]Collection (Overseas)11.36 Crore [Till 20th December, 2018]Hit / FlopAverage2 more rows

Who killed NGK parents?

However, the events that follow, as well as the way Suriya plays this scene, suggest otherwise. Our theory is that it is Kumaran himself who orchestrated the killing of his family – with the help of those three people from his party – for the same reason he killed Raja i.e for sympathy votes.

Who is villain in Kaappaan?

Boman Irani plays a caricature villain whereas Chirag Jani who is the assassin, is actually better.

Who is the villain in Bandobast?

Boman IraniBoman Irani appears as a corporate villain and his presence adds value to the film.

Is anniyan hit or flop?

Latest Update: Vikram Hit, Flop, Blockbuster movies – Complete List of tamil films which featured by actor Vikram….List of Hit and Flop Movies by Vikram.TitleAnniyanYear2005Director(s)S. ShankarMovie VerdictBlockbuster34 more columns

Who is villain in NGK?

SuriyaSuriya is a villain in the second half: Director of ‘NGK’

Is soty 2 a hit or flop?

Box office The film was a flop. In India, the film had an average opening for the first shows with an occupancy rate of 20–25%. It went on to earn ₹11.75–12 crore nett on its first day in India, becoming the 5th highest opener of the year. The film had fair growth on Saturday, earning ₹13.5–13.75 crore nett.